HSSC Clerk 27 November Answer key Morning Session Question paper solution pdf download

Below is the 27 Nov Exam Question Paper Solution key/ Answer key. The question paper is SET is D.

Ques  1. Count each 7 which is not immediately preceded by 5 but is immediately followed by either 2or 3. How many  such 7’s are there ?

5 7 2 6 5 7 3 8 3 7 3 2 5 7 2 7 3 4 8 2 6 7 8

Ans : 2

Ques 2. Five persons A , B , C , D and E are sitting in a row you such that D is on the left of C and B is on the right of E. A is on the right of C and B is on the left of D. If E occupies a corner position , then who is sitting in the center .

Ans:  D

Ques 3.Choose the correct alternative

Fossils : Creatures :: Mummies : ?

Ans: (B) Human Beings

Ques 4. Choose out the odd one

Intimacy , Enmity , Attachment , Friendship

Ans: Enmity

Ques 5. If FULFNHW is the code for CRICKET , then EULGH is the code for which word


Ques 6. A trader sold an article at a loss of 5% but when he increased the selling price by 65 he gained 3.33%on the cost price .If he sells the same article at 936 , what is the profit percentage ?

Ans: 20

Ques 7. My average expenses for 4 days is 6.00. I spent 7.70 on first day and 6.30 on second day . If I spent 10 on third day , what did I spend on the fourth day ?

Ans: None Of The Above

Ques 8.If 5^a=3125, then a^3=_____

Ans: 125

Ques 9. A two digit number is such that the product of digits is 8. When 18 is added to the number, then the digits are reversed . The number is

Ans: 24

Ques 10. Find the number , difference between number and its 3/5 is 50.

Ans: 125

Ques 11.  Fathometer is used to measure

Ans: Sound Intensity

Ques 12. When milk is churned , the cream is separated from it due to

Ans: Centrifugal Force

Ques 13.Which of the following is widely used as an anesthetic

Ans: Chloroform

Ques 14. Which gland in human body is called the master gland

Ans: Pituatary

Ques 15. Meningitis is caused by

Ans: Virus menin

Ques 16. Choose which best expresses the meaning of word


Ans: Scold

Ques 17 . Choose opposite of word LACONIC

Ans: prolix

Ques 18. choose one word

Informal business communication with a personal signature.

Ans: Agendum

Ques 19. Fill in the blanks

His path was beset ______ difficulties.

Ans: With

Ques 20. Choose correctly spelt word

Conglomerate , Congolmerate , Congolmarete , Cnoglomerate

Ans: 1st Conglomerate

Ques 21. प्रेमचंद रचित ग्रन्थ कौन सा है ?


Ques 22. “अपनी गली में कुत्ता भी शेर” इस लोकोक्ति का सही अर्थ क्या है ?

Ans : अपने क्षेत्र में सभी ताकतवर होते हैं

Ques 23. मानक हिंदी का विकास किस बोली से हुआ ?

Ans: खड़ी बोली

Ques 24. सदाचार का संधि विच्छेद

Ans: सत् + आचार

Ques 25. ‘जो आँखों के सामने हो’ के लिए एक शब्द लिखो

Ans: प्रत्यक्ष

Ques 26. ‘उद्घाटन’ का सही संधि विग्रह

Ans: उत् + घाटन

Ques 27. वर्ग ‘अ’ और वर्ग ‘ब’ से समानार्थी शब्दों का मिलान कीजिये

वर्ग ‘अ’ – 1. पीयूष  2.  विपिन   3. पुण्डरीक  4. मकरध्वज

वर्ग ‘ब’  – 1. मन्मथ  2. सोम   3. तामरस   4.  कानन

Ans: (C) 2   4   3   1

Ques 28. जो अच्छा (सुन्दर) बोलता हो वह

Ans: वाग्मी

Ques 29. अलंकार बताओ :

माला फेरत जुग भया, फिर ना मन का फेर

करका मनका डारि दे, मनका-मनका फेर

Ans: यमक अलंकार

Ques 30. “भगवान पीताम्बर आप सबका कल्याण करें” समास विग्रह और समास का नाम बताओ

Ans: पीत (पीला) है अम्बर जिसका वह अर्थात श्रीकृष्ण — बहुब्रिही समास

Ques 31.The 42nd G-7 Summit was held in which country ?

Ans: Japan

Ques 32. The renowed Sanskrit drama “Abhigyan Sankutlam” was written by

Ans: Kalidas

Ques 33. Salt March , Dandi March Or Salt Satyagrah in India led by Mahatma Gandhi was started in

Ans: 1930

Ques 34. According to 2011 census report which is the most populous state of India

Ans: Utter Pradesh

Ques 35. Indian armed forces are under the management of which ministry

Ans: Defence Ministry

Ques 36. Arrange following words in proper order



  1. Death


  1. Disease

Ans: 2 4 1 5 3

Ques 37.Arrange following words in alphabetical order choose first

Ans: Grease

Ques 38. Five children were administrated psychological test to know thiere intellectual levels. In the report , psychologist pointed out that the child A is less intelligent then B. The child C less intelligent than D. The child B is less intelligent than child C and A is more intelligent than child E. Which child is the most intelligent ?

Ans: child D

Ques 39.Market : Demand :: Farming : ?

Ans: Supply

Ques 40. Find wrong in the series

380 , 188 , 92 , 48 , 20 , 8 , 2


Ques 41. A vendor bought toffees at 6 for a rupee . How many for a rupee must he sell to gain 20% ?

Ans: 5

Ques 42. The average income of a group of 9 workers is 137.30 and that of another group of 7 workers is 95.06. The average income of all the persons is

Ans: 118.82

Ques 43. The difference between a two digit number and the number obtained by interchanging the positions of its digits is 36 . What is the difference between the sum and the difference of the digits of the number if the ratio between the digits of the number is

Ans: 8

Ques 44. If 3^(x-y)=27 and 3^(x+y)=243 , then x is equal to

Ans: 4

Ques 45.A water tanker is two fifth full. Pipe A can fill the tank in 10 minutes and pipe B can empty in 6 minutes . If both the pipes are open , how long will it take to empty or fill the tank completely ?


Ques 46. Mark the wrong combination

Ans: 4th

Ques 47.When iron and wood are exposed to sunlight , the iron rod becomes hot quickly because

Ans: Greater thermal Conductivity of Iron

Ques 48. Permanent hardness of water is due to the presence of

Ans: calcium sulfate

Ques 49. Which of the following in the human body is affected by leukemia

Ans: Blood

Ques 50. The largest part of human brain is

Ans: Cerebrum

Ques 51.Bhakt and musician  , Surdas was contemporary of

Ans:  Akbar

Ques 52. Most ancient ‘Vat-Vriksha’ (Banyan tree), which is considered to be associated with ‘Geeta Gyan’ , is located at

Ans: Jyotisar

Ques 53. Which city of Haryana is called “Power House Of Boxing”?

Ans: Bhiwani

Ques 54. Which of the following river formed the boundary line between Haryana and Utter Pardesh ?

Ans: Yamuna

Ques 55.Which of the following city is not included in national capital region ?

Ans: Hisar

Ques 56. Which district is formed at last ?

Ans: Palwal

Ques 57. The number of lok sabha seats of the Haryana is

Ans: 10

Ques 58.Which pilgrimage is located at the Kheri Gujjar Village of Sonipat  district ?

Ans: Satkunbha Pilgrimage

Ques 59. What is the name of garden situated at Pinjore ?

Ans: Yadavindra Garden

Ques 60.  On which National Highway Dharuhera Industrial Region is located ?

Ans: Delhi – Jaipur

Ques 61. In which city , Hindustaan Machine Tools (HMT) Ltd is located ?

Ans: Pinjore

Ques 62. Government Sugar Mill in Kurukshetra district is situated at


Ques 63.Kala Teetar Tourist Place is in which district of Haryana ?

Ans: Sirsa

Ques 64. Teej festival falls in which month

Ans: Saavan

Ques 65. All craftsman and artists of India participated in which fair of Haryana ?

Ans: Surajkund Craft Mela

Ques 66. Khalsa Sect is formed in the month of

Ans: vaisakh

Ques 67. Ever flowing river through Haryana

Ans: Yamuna

Ques 68. The city Ghronda is located in which district of Haryana ?

Ans: Karnal

Ques 69. It is believed that , the artist ___has started the Saang of Haryana

Ans: Deep Chand

Ques 70. Which of the following is/are objective(s) of Pashudhan Bima Yojna of Haryana Government launched on July, 2016 ?

Ans: All of the above

Ques 71. Who started the construction of the famous Qutub Minar ?

Ans:Qitub-ud-Din Aibak

Ques 72. Who was the first woman to rule Delhi ?

Ans: Razia Sultan

Ques 73. On which west-flowing river is the Jog Falls located

Ans: Sharsvati

Ques 74. Which is the home of the Asiatic Lion ?

Ans: Gir National Park

Ques 75. By which constitutional amendment was the voting age reduced from 21 to 18 years ?

Ans: 61st 1988

Ques 76. How many Fundamental Rights were provided to the Indian citizens  in the original Constitution ?

Ans: 7

Ques 77.Which period did the First Five-Year Plan cover ?

Ans: 1951-56

Ques 78. When was the Decimal currency system introduced in India ?

Ans: 1 April 1957

Ques 79. When was the National Emblem adopted ?

Ans: 26 Jan 1950

Ques 80.In which state is the Gol Gumbaz , the largest dome , located ?

Ans: Karnataka

Ques 81.Who was the first Indian to be the President of the International Court of Justice ?

Ans: Dr. Nagendar Singh

Ques 82. Which is the country’s longest beach ?

Ans: Marina Beach

Ques 83. In which year was PIN code introduced ?


Ques 84.In which  year was the Metric system of  wieghts and measures took effect in India ?

Ans: 1956

Ques 85. In which year was South African leader Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment ?

Ans: 1964

Ques 86. In which year did Napoleon became the Emperor of France

Ans: 1804

Ques 87.What causes day and night

Ans:Earth’s rotation

Ques 88. What is the atmospheric layer close to the earth’s surface

Ans: Troposphere

Ques 89.Where is the headquarters of the Amnesty International ?

Ans: London

Ques 90. In which year was the International Labour Organisation established


Ques 91. How many pairs of walking legs does a cockroach  have

Ans: 3

Ques 92. Which natural element has the highest melting point ?

Ans: Carbon

Ques 93. Which country won the first Cricket World Cup

Ans:West indies

Ques 94.With which of the following games is Wimbledon associated

Ans: Lawn Tennis

Ques 95.How long does it take for the moon to revolve around the Earth

Ans: 27 Days 7 Hour 43 Min

Ques 96. Inderjeet singh associated with which of the following game

Ans: Shot put

Ques 97. Michael Felps won five gold medal in Rio 2016 olympics . He belongs to

Ans: USA

Ques 98. Who is Newly elected president of Asian Development Bank

Ans: Takehiko Nakao

Ques 99.The present Lieutenant Governor of the Puducherry is

Ans: Kiran Bedi

Ques 100.Rio olympics -2016 was held between

Ans: 5-21 August


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